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Ravenwood - Jericho

#1 Private Military Contractor of North America

General Information:

Here at Ravenwood Headquarters A.S.A, we take pride in helping the many new governments of America defend themselves and build themselves into strong nations. We as a Private Contractor, have already helped restore order to many cities and towns across North America. Our recent alliance with the Jennings & Rall Corporation have allowed us to expand. We now have Ravenwood Employees protecting all "Ground Zeros" across North America. This will help prevent different epidemics like the Hudson Vally Epidemic from spreading around the globe.

Our Employees:

Our company is built from large groups of former soldiers from all different nations. These soldiers are stronger then normal soldiers are. They have been given the best of the best weapons and armor. Our employees call themselves "Mercs" or Mercenaries" they can do almost any job as long as it pays well. Ravenwood Co. can not be held responsible for what acts our employees may do. (Please see-The Waver.)

Rebuilding Issues:


Ravenwood has had a few issues in the past few months. Many civilians have gone missing or have been reported as murdered. People have blamed Ravenwood for these events, Ravenwood A.S.A. did not approve of anything along the lines of murder of innocent people. Until a Court System is in place, Ravenwood cannot and will not act on the murders as long as there is no proof that Ravenwood was involved. All of our employees have been told that acts leading to death of civilians will lead them into jail. If you have any information regarding the deaths of innocent Americans, please contact your local J&R Booth.


Ravenwood Employees have been accused of stealing from civilians, towns, and cities. These rumors remain contested, Ravenwood A.S.A. does not approve of this nor does any of the national governments. These are rumors and until and Court System has been put into place it shall remain so. If you have any information that will lead Ravenwood A.S.A. to think that it has stolen from civilians, towns, or cities. Please report it to your local J&R Booth.

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Anonymous Ravenwood 1 Mar 4 2008, 6:45 PM EST by Auman
Thread started: Mar 11 2007, 10:47 AM EDT  Watch
Jake's last job offer was to leave for two months and "deliver packages" for Ravenwood. Hawkins did not "deliver the package". No doubt they are very different packages. Jake would likely have been flying arms to Afghanistan to keep Ravenwoods coffers filled with foreign currency. The collapse of the US dollar would make it worthless until the stock markets were up and running again. Ravenwood probably sold the devices to the terrorists, knowing what they would be used for, and planned to cash in on the chaos.
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beachwatcher Who Dropped the Bomb (page: 1 2) 23 Dec 15 2007, 10:39 PM EST by Mikestone
Thread started: Dec 6 2006, 2:42 PM EST  Watch
I have seen many coments / theories regarding who dropped the bomb. There are also interesting plot twists so far that really tend to rule out the usual suspects...Iran, North Korea, Islomic terrorists, China, Russia. We know so far that major cities have been hit with nuculear blasts. We have also seen the detination of EMP. In addition, we have seen Russian made transport planes flying with MIG escorts to deliver humanitary aide. For this to truely be foerign aid, it opens up too many questions which just aren't easy to answer. If you assume tha the nuculear blasts and EMP were orchastrated by the same source, there just are not many world players with the technical knowlodge / resources to pull this off. However, we have already seen a major vilian develop in the form of Ravenwood. Ravenwood represents the Large DOD Contractor who according to both Jake Green and Robert Hawkins was extremely active in operations in Iraq as a security force. I think this will develop more in future episodes. The defense contracting business is a multi billion - trillion dollar a year industry. Because of the necessity of research and development, which in our country is largely privitized, large defense companies have not only the technical skills, they also have the resources to pull it off. They would certainly have access to mothballed aircraft which would explain the food drop. They, at least theoriticaly would have access to nuculear material or at the very least have the capital to obtain it, and would be the most likely culprit for the emp as this is so technically complicated, few nations posess the capability. The only questions remaining would be motive.... This I think will develop in the spring.

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Anonymous Ravenwood 5 May 4 2007, 6:57 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Feb 22 2007, 11:40 AM EST  Watch
Ravenwood is behind the attacks. This faction got into the government hiearchies when hired for secruity in Afghanistan and iraq. They could have eliminated any threat. Ravenwood wasnt the only ones involved. They were used by a HOMEGROWN terrorist group. As we know now, ravenwood transported weapons to the insurgents fighting our miltary overseas. Ravenwood did this in exchange for access for nuclear weapons. Ravenwood was paid by this homegrown group for there services. Ravenwood then gave these groups the bombs because ravenwood was high in the government now. This homegrown group represents the growing "divide" in the nation. This was a plan to fracture the country. Its so obvious now. Jake Green killed some people in Iraq because these people were getting in the way of Ravenwood's plan. He didnt know this at the time. Hawkins got into the group as an FBI mole. Im not too sure, but either it was him or his "mystery women" in washignton that was the mole, and the other was in the terrorist group. I rock
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