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Character is played by: Ashley Scott

What we know:
Emily (played by Ashley Scott) is a high school teacher. She is strong-willed, courageous, stubborn, and intelligent. She enjoys adventure and living in the small town.

Emily's first love was Jake Green. Emily and Jake grew up together and may have been engaged at some point but chose not to go through with the marriage. Jake left Jericho five years ago after an incident in which Emily's brother Chris died. Emily had no contact with Jake for the five years that he was gone and rebuilt her life with Roger Hammond.

The only immediate family that Emily has is her father, Jonah Prowse. She blames her father for her brother Chris' death five years ago because of the questionable lifestyle that Jonah lives and pulled Chris into living. Additionally, she placed responsibility for his death on Jake, and did not forgive him in the five years he was away. Jonah Prowse has since told Emily that it was his fault that Chris died, not Jake's, opening the door for reconciliation between Jake and Emily.

Emily planned to marry Roger Hammond, a big-city banker, before the bombs fell, but her daydreams on the day they would been married indicate that she is reevaluating her feelings for him. (Before the bombs, Roger wanted different things than Emily, such as number of children and preferring to live in the big city, but he did buy a house and agree to live in Jericho). Jake's return to Jericho rekindled her feelings for Jake and created a dilemma for Emily. In the episode "Vox Populi," she flirts with Jake despite the uncertainty over the fate of Roger (who turns up alive at the end of the episode).

Roger was exiled from Jericho due to his leadership in the refugee uprising. Emily wanted to go with him but he told her to stay in Jericho where she would be safe. In the season one finale, Emily comforted Jake after the loss of his father, narrowing the divide between Emily and Jake.

What we don't know:
  • What she will do now that Roger has been exiled?
  • What subject she taught (Dale Turner's MySpace page says she is his history teacher)?
  • Will she continue showing feeling towards Jake or will she reconsider being with Roger?
  • Why Emily's last name is different from her father's?

Her role in the town:
Schoolteacher. She tried to restart a class in a recent episode, but all of the students except Hawkins' daughter (who stayed due to family reasons, not for educational reasons) had other priorities and left before Emily could really get started. In episode 10, "Red Flag," she drove away with a generator that her father had obtained, making it available to the town of Jericho. She also made a deal with Jonah for Jake's old car to use on the trip to Rogue River. These actions show some daring on her part. She appears to be respected by the townspeople and liked by the Green family. Emily is passionate about living in Jericho and has connections with many of the main characters of Jericho. She is good friends, perhaps best friends, with Heather Lisinski (who would have been maid of honor at Emily's wedding) and asks Gail Green to ease up on Mary Bailey.

Engaged to Roger Hammond
Daughter of Jonah Prowse
Mother is deceased.
Brother, Chris, deceased.
Has an aunt named Mrs. Dawson who lives nearby
Emily Sullivan - Jericho
Character connections:
Jonah - estranged father
Jake - former boyfriend
Heather - best friend
Roger - fiance

Emily Quotes:
Episode 2, Fallout-
Emily: "I thought you were gone."
Jake: "Emily."
Emily: "Why are you here?"
Jake: "I'm trying to keep you safe."
Emily: "I was never safe around you."

Episode 9, Crossroads-
Emily: "We were kids, what did we know?"
Jake: "Enough not to go through with it."
Emily: "Why'd you come back, Jake? Why couldn't you have just stayed away?"
Jake: "Are you sure that's what you wanted?"
Emily: "What did you just say?"
Jake: (Comes closer to Emily.) "Are you sure that's what you wanted?"

Episode 11, Vox Populi-
Jake: "Come on, lets dance."
Emily: (dancing with Jake) "What about Heather?"
Jake: "What about Roger?"
Emily: "You know how this is, we should be adults, and walk away from all of this."
Jake: (nods in agreement) "You're right we should."
Emily: (almost kisses Jake)

Jake & Emily

Romantic connections:
Had a relationship, apparently in high school and beyond, with Jake Green. Those feelings are still alive, but it is unclear where they will lead, as Emily is still engaged to Roger and he has arrived in Jericho, alive, but has been exiled. Jake and Emily were also engaged once, when they were younger.

Emily is an old friend of Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich), but by the time Jake returns to the town, a falling out has happened between them, hinting at a previous and deeper relationship. Jake and Emily were once engaged. The death of Emily's brother Chris appears to have been a botched robbery attempt. Jake was supposed to be Chris' lookout, but for reasons unknown refused. Until episode 11 Emily blamed Jake for Chris' death.

Emily is estranged from her father, Jonah Prowse. This estrangement is also due to Chris' death. Jonah ordered Chris, Jake, and Mitchell Cafferty to carry out the robbery. Emily does not want any kind of relationship with Jonah, but still helps him when he is injured.

Emily has a fiancé, Roger, who she was planning to pick up at the airport in Wichita, Kansas at the time the attacks happened. Roger returned to town with a group that appeared to have been walking for weeks.He walked to Jericho with other passengers from his downed airplane. He has, unfortunately, been exiled due to his leading of the refugee uprising.

Emily is a schoolteacher in Jericho. She lives in "The Pines," in a house bought with her fiancé, Roger. The picture below is of Emily and Heather Lisinski in episode five, "Federal Response."

Emily Sullivan - CBS' Official Jericho Wiki


Emily and Jake finally kissing

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